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Creating a company

Are you out of work but you have a wish to have your hands full? So, our art-design company is special for you. We need creative and imaginative employee, who has skills to draw and has an eye for detail. Our company really appreciates person who is a  people person and has  a "can do" attitude. 

We have all necessary working conditions to work well  and we come up with solution. The job can't be consider a stressful,as the deal with art shouldn't be able to meet tight deadlines. Besides, having experience in our company, you willl get promotion, master new skills  and be up-and-coming.

If you are interested in this vacancy, you'll have to attend an interview and  we will glad to see you with your CV. then if you meet our requirements we will let you know.   


The first video by Sugata Mitra shares a story of what education is going to be. He figures out that the modern studying process is out of date. It means that it can't compete on equal terms with IT technologies.  The aim of today's system is to produce identical people. The Sugata Mitra's message is to keep up with the educational progress and to encourage children to become quicker learner. Furthermore, we have to support gifted children from the whole world as they are the future of our nations.

The second video by Ken Robinson represents the widespread belief that school or in general education fall behind. Nowadays, a great amount of children don't have any wishes to demonstrate an ability to study. They lost their motivation or became disappointed of the methods of teaching. They consider the education as a mechanical mechanism which is not adopted for human feelings. Due to this, children prefer play truant and forget about their natural talents. Finally, the educational system should be developed as there is room for improvment.

In my opinion, education really needs to be improved. I find it sometimes tedious, as its program is based on the views of old school. There are a lot of gifted children, who have a thirst of knowledge and have natural talent as well, but the studying process is considered as a formal education. However, there is a lack of motivation. Kids can't see any purpose of attending it. Besides, it seems to them that there are no benefits of it according to their future career and promotion. Anyway, we should put efforts to develop education to the best, to change standart of education and its aim .

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Feelings, Emotions, Body language 

 One of the most popular and interesting way of non - verbal communication is body language. This kind of speaking has a wide range of meanings. On the one hand it helps you to wear your heart on your sleeve and support some statements and on the other hand it is used to communicate successfully with people with some disabilities.  

 In my opinion, we can't make generalizations about body language as a lot of people consider it as a seperate subject. You may hide innermost thoughts but it is so simple to guess your mood due to your gestures or facial expressions. 

Now, let's see how we display our emotions and feelings in real life:

This is one of the most favorite pictures. Here you can see my pet which always make me cheerful. Playing with him I have a burst of energy.

In this picture my friends with me heave a sigh of relief . We are feeling really delighted and excited. It seems like we are in a high spirits.

From my memory I can say that the moment of this picture made my day. With this person we were in a state of euphoria as we visited the beautiful ancient city.

In this photo you can see my friends and me. We are really contented and inspired because it's Christmas coming)

This video is really excited and inspired. Watching this, I can feel my self on top of the world. Besides, it has a burst of energy which influences me.

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  Word families. Word formation.

I've chosen the article form Upstream B2+ Student's book, called " The Magic of Pantomime"( Unit 5).


  In ancient times, Latin and Greek languages were considered as official and literal languages. It was honor to learn them. It is obvious that Latin and Greek are parents of other languages.

  Without a doubt, each philologist should know Greek and Latin. It helps to understand the relationships between words, find the roots without difficulties.Learning sacral languages, you explode the vocabulary, make progress in knowledge of word formation. 

   Besides, it makes you highly educated. Language is still progressing, according to this it is very important to be aware of all notions, phenomena and so on. Latin and Greek would broaden your outlook, as it is possible to reveal some certain things that weren't mentioned. Furthermore, they would help you to concentrate on one more language. 

  Moreover, dead languages are good supporters in feeling and realising other languages. They open wide context of words, presenting their historical meaning.

  To conclude, we must remember that Greek and Latin shouldn't be  " extra" languages, we have to respect them as they gave a birth to other languages.

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    Online tools and resources for vocabulary
    Hello Mark,
  How is your life? I'd like to share with you iformation about learning opportunities that now are available and popular amoung people. Maybe it would be a good experience for as you could compare your own methods.
   I'm sure that you are aware of different ways to expand vocabulary and so on. But the language is making progress, so there is a wide range of modern technics that would help you to concentrate the mind on the most effective things, build your personal vocabulary and make you confident in language skills. Besides, you could find a lot of alternative ways to make an improvment and to achieve the main goal. Here are some websites which were selected by myself instead of using a great amount of paper dictionaries. 

I. Synonym Finder: if you need to diverse your vocabulary this is the most suitable dictionary in such situation.

II. Graph Words: its main function is to show the connection between other groups of words.

III. Just the words: is used to show possible word combination according to the purpose.
IV. Word Shake: helps to memorise words in unordinary way. It was created by the British Council.

V.  World Machine: this game helps you to recall words you thuoght you never know.

VI. My flashcard:  https://quizlet.com/192241340/vocabulary-building-flash-cards/?new