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 Going green

  The first video " Seed communities: Eco - village Experiments Around the World" shows the interview with professor Karen Litfin, from University of Washington. She 's working on such serious disasters as deforestation, climate change, pollution and so on. Professor is sharing with us such phenomena as eco - village. To make her goal real, she did an intensive research in the 14 eco- villages in different parts of our world. Karen Liftin learned this question in details as she mentioned not only positive aspects but negative as well. Her main message is to take the basic principle of living and follow them in our routine.
 The second video called " Environment -  protecting our habitat resources" talkes about the position of our enviroment. One of the key challenge that requires a lot of attention is climate change. Scientists put efforts in order to develop great support . Nowadays, everything is closely connected with technologies, so they are working on the specific project to solve ecological problems. It means that they are looking for alternatives in order to save energy.


On the Move

The darkside of tourism

  It is not a secret for everyone, that all people around the world dream to board a plane somewhere near  sea, ocean or rainforest.
Most of them would like to spend their holidays swimming, hiking, sunbathing and so on. Travelling is  a special opportunity to go on a excursion, go sightseeing in order to increase enrgy levels or recharge your batteries.

  To make ends meet, depressed countries which are reach in sagnificant nature started developing tourism industry. This bussiness makes profit, improves social situation, but also has some negative effects.

  To prevent tourists from the culture shock, local authorities try to do everything in order to make them be fond of their native country. What is the disadvantage of this unguilty action? As a rusult, visitors get accustomed to the fact that they aren't only guests and don't leave at peace with the host nations. Some of them ignore religious faith and believe in stereotypes, which can offend inhabitans. 

  Besides, we should remember that tourism is temporary work. In this case, people who take part in developing business are season workers. The conclusion is that they don't have regular income.

  Finally, I'd like to say, that tourism itslef isn't really bad thing. It's cheap advertisment of your flourishing native land, which can bring you pros and cons.


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News travels fast

Streetball Competitions

 If you want to be active and healthy, it's obvious that you should pay attention to sport.  Have you ever heard about such team sport as streetball? Or maybe you had  an opportunity to play it?

 Two weeks ago students of Ostroh Academy had a chance to take part in streetball competitions amoung faculties. This kind of sport is mostly popular amoung girls. So each faculty had to present a team, which included 4 players. This event attracted a lot attention and it became breaking news.

  To make the point, each faculty chose the best students who are keen on basketball. This sport is similar to streetball, but there are some rules, that make a difference. One of the participants said "These competitions have a significant impact on the team work. Besides, you have a hope to have a success or in other words to win a praise for the game. Finally, to realize our ambitions of the proffesional sport player."

History. Peace and Conflict.

One of the most world-famous politician was Margaret Thatcher. This woman is a successful example of tha fact "Woman in politics". Her work made useful contributions to economics that helped to reverse Labour's post war. 

Besides, she won the respect of other countries, as Thatcher faced a military challenge during her first term. It meant that this woman had a real power to restore order. 

Moreover, a number of conflicts and crises were handled there. So she tried to keep peace in order not let the war be declared. Apart from that, the politician produced the results in international relations. She authorised forces to recapture the Falklands. This woman had the respect of people, by whom she was elected 3 times. Furthermore, she had huge effect on The House of Commons as Thatcher had the title of Baroness.

Money matters

 The game "Spent" is a live experience for those people who spend money like water. It teaches a lesson how to save money or how to be in short supply. Here it is possible to get know in which cases you may save  money and in other way how  to economize it.

 In my case, I mad a small fortune, as during 30 days, I was in the game. My own experiece showed how to throw money at really useful things, even how to donate. I was really impressed with the main idea of  "Spent" due to the fact that it is a chance to check yourself and your attitude to economic part of your life.
Here is a link of a lottery winner: 


Sound mind in a Sound Body